EMS i-motion

Revolutionise your customers’ training with the first wireless EMS fitness device able to offer a totally wire-free EMS training. Enjoy a workout with up to 10 Users. Full freedom together as a group or individually.

More time for users, less for the machine

With EMS i-Motion there are no limits – only fun, efficiency and totally wire-free training. Move freely during the workout, with an operating range up to 100 meters, with no limits of movement.

Many traditional EMS systems are sold under the idea of multi-group EMS, but conducting multi-user training with them is complicated in practice. i-motion EMS device is truly multi-group and empowers trainers as they do not have to readjust any parameters when changing programmes, letting them focus on clients.

EMS Sequential Pulses

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.EMS sequential pulses help control the order of contractions for an all-new way to work the agonist and antagonist muscles. They are ideal for lymphatic circulatory systems, as the direction of blood flow drainage to the desired area can be controlled through directional massage sequences.

This EMS innovation offers a better, more precise alternative to general active EMS. Sequential pulses transfer stimulation in an organised manner through the muscle groups, irrespective of the exercise. They can be programmed via the 26 programmes offered by the i-motion system using the 5 pre-set sequences.

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Real Multi-Group Training

Real multi-group training to boost the trainer’s role. You can move freely during the workout, with an operating range up to 100 meters. More time for users, less time for the machine.
ems imotion pair

Continuous Development

We are always in continuous study and development, aware of the latest market developments and technological advancements in order to offer a more optimal and effective training.
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Fully Customized Programs

We currently have 20 pre-established programs adapted to all the needs of our users and 6 configurable ones so as to create customized programs.
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Multiple Pre-Set Parameters

When changing the program, all the parameters are pre-set so the contraction and relaxation times will be at optimum values for each program, saving time and avoiding mistakes during training.  Remote assistance anywhere in the world through Team Viewer.
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I-Motion adapts to each user

Our software has 10 preset training programmes: Cardio, Fitness, Metabolic, Strength, Bodybuilding, Cellulitis, Dermal, Capillary, Relax, Contractures and Expert. Also, i-Motion has 6 free programmes to manage your training freely. 
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Continious updates

We take care of staying up-to-date on the latest developments and studies of new EMS programs, which are updated and delivered to our customers free of charge.

We are your business

We help businesses of any size grow and adapt to the new times by integrating a new form of training increasingly demanded around the world. Hospitals, sports centres, entrepreneurs, physiotherapists, beauty salons, clinics and health centres, elite athletes and coaches… We address a wide range of professionals working in the field of health, medicine and aesthetics, making their business grow and adapt to the consumer habits.

The i-motion Suit

Wireless Bluetooth Technology and Long Battery

Class 1 Pro Bluetooth module, made in the USA. Complete freedom of movement, with an operating range up to 100 meters and a battery range of up to 16 hours .

 Remote Assistance and Support Anywhere

Remote assistance anywhere in the world through Team Viewer. Continuous software development, automatic updates, and technical support.

Unlimited Number of Participants

i-motion EMS is the only wireless device that enables training of an unlimited number of people anywhere: on the beach, in the park or in the gym.

Continuous Updates and Development

Our R&D department offers continuous improvements to the software without extra charge to our customers

EMS Active Recovery and Sequential Pulses

A faster and safer way to work your metabolism in the recovery phase without damaging any muscle group. a system that globally compensates the currents for all the muscles, not only for specific zones.

Independent and Tracked Trainings

System that a llows us to control how many sessions the user has hired or how many are left. Avoid delays by training different users in the same session without having to start the training at the same time
imotion personal suit

Personal Home Suit

For wireless EMS-training
Highly flexible, ultralight one-piece suit
Size range from XXS up to XL
Quick access thanks to the zipper-cord
20 integrated dry electrodes
Electrode moistening is not necessary
Pleasant surface-covering impulse feeling
Completely hygienic and washable at 30°C
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