cryoair Localized Cryotherapy Devices

Localized cryotherapy targets a specific area of your body, making it a perfect choice for inflammation reduction, muscle & joint pain. Cryotherapy facials are also used for skin tightening and radiance, as well as collagen generation.

Adjustable and Effective

cryoair local cryotherapy devices generate cold air with an adjustable air flow rate up to 1500 l/min. They cool the air down to -32 °C to -60 °C and blow the cooled air through the treatment hose to the treated zones.

Immediate Effects

Positive effects can be observed immediately after the local cryotherapy treatment. The flexible “mini” versions offer high cooling capacity in a small space and are quickly set up on site, if necessary.

Customise it as you need it!

The cryoair cold air therapy devices are available in five different versions. In addition, there are optional accessories such as various attachments for spot treatment, treatment arm, and various hose lengths.


Localized Cryotherapy Benefits

Health Benefits

– Helps treat muscle and joint pain
– Treating certain skin conditions
– Helps treat insomnia & migraine
– Helps treat rheumatic diseases

Fitness & Recovery Benefits

– Speeds up fitness recovery
– Reduces fatigue
– Improves metabolism
– Increases metabolic rate

Aesthetics & Beauty Benefits

– Helping to rejuvenate fatigued skin
– Skin tone, radiance & texture improvement
– Pigmentation reduction
– Tightens and brightens the skin
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