Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers

Electric cryotherapy chambers that are simple to install, easy to operate and run automatically. Safe and economic cryo chambers for health and rehabilitation clinics, sports and fitness centres, spas, wellness centres, beauty parlous and individuals.

Customised and Automated

The chambers are fully automated and are customisable by size, shape and features, each adapted to the needs and given locations of the specific projects.

Economic Solution

The chambers can be maintained remotely. reducing service costs, and can be distance controlled to save electricity bills. They also do not require you to purchase any nitrogen.

The Safe Cryo Chamber

Because no dangerous nitrogen gas is used, our cryotherapy chambers are safe to use. There is no risk of frost burns from nitrogen, and the entire body is exposed to the cold.  

Economic cryo chamber

Nitrogen operated units require constant nitrogen refilling, making your business dependent on nitrogen prices and delivery. Our cryotherapy chambers run on electricity, meaning that they do not require any nitrogen and will save you money in the long term. 

Because they can be controlled remotely and are almost fully automated, they can be easily programmed to turn off and on at a required time, saving electricity costs. 

Safe cryo chamber

Nitrogen increases the risk of forced air burns and suffocation. This is why we do not use any nitrogen in our cryotherapy chambers. Our whole body cryotherapy chambers are safe to use and provide a true experience of whole body cryotherapy – because there is no risk of frost burns from nitrogen, there is no need to keep the head outside of the chamber, so the entire body can be exposed to the cold.

cryoair -110 °C Multi-Chamber Systems for Whole Body Cryotherapy

cryoair -110 °C cryotherapy chambers are simple to install, very easy to operate and run almost automatically. The multi-chamber system for Whole Body Cryotherapy can be used by multiple clients at one time. The chamber generates temperatures of down to -120 °C using electricity only and is very economical.
cryo chamber double chamber

cryoair -85 °C 1-Chamber System for Whole Body Cryotherapy

cryoair -85 °C 1-room cryotherapy chambers are specially designed for users with limited space. They are simple to install, very easy to operate and run almost automatically. The 1-chamber system for Whole Body Cryotherapy, depending on configuration, can be used by one or two people at one time.


cryo:one -85 °C Compact 1-Chamber System for Whole Body Cryotherapy

cryo:one is the best and smallest all-electric cryo chamber in the world. Its compact and highly efficient size enables you to experience all the advantages of the whole-body cryotherapy even in the smallest of spaces. Starting from private use via usage in practises, right to commercial use in studios and spas - the cryo:one adapts to your needs.


Cryotherapy Benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy is considered one of the most effective physical therapies for rheumatic diseases. The positive effects in relation to the inflammatory process, the sensation of pain and mobility of the patient have been demonstrated in many studies. In sports and professional sports, the positive properties of the body cooling can be used to increase performance and faster recovery. Athletes report of a real kick with adrenaline and endorphin boost on the visit in the cold chamber.

Health Benefits

– Helps treat muscle pain
– Fights joint pain
– Helps treat insomnia & migraine
– Helps treat rheumatic diseases

Fitness & Recovery Benefits

– Speeds up fitness recovery
– Reduces fatigue
– Improves metabolism
– Increases metabolic rate

Aesthetics & Beauty Benefits

– Generates collagen
– Improves skin condition
– Helps treat insomnia & migraine
– Tightens and brightens the skin

Why electric cryotherapy?

Electic cryotherapy chambers are not only the only safe cryotherapy chambers in the industry, but are also more effective than nitgoren cryo chambers. Nitrogen increases risk for forced air burns on the skin. Our electric cryo chambers do not use dangerous nitrogen gas, and are the only safe alternative to nitrogen cryo cabins and cryo saunas. 
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