cryoair Single Cryotherapy Chamber

cryoair -85 °C 1-room cryotherapy chambers are designed for users with limited space. Their compact design and low noise emission is very attractive for rehabilitation & physiotherapy centre, doctors‘ practices, as well as beauty, wellness and fitness centres.

100 % made in Germany
Solid temperature at all times
Development, manufacture, installation and service
Easy to operate
Branches and references worldwide
Continuous improvement and research
Maximum efficiency and low operating costs
Innovative technologies
More than 20 years experience
Different models and sizes available
Worldwide service provided by trained and qualified specialists

Compact Size

The compact size of cryoair enables you to experience all the advantages of the whole-body cryotherapy treatment even in the smallest of spaces.

Easy Operation

The chamber is automatically operated. Because cryoair cryotherapy chamber does not require any nitrogen, it is easy to use and is also saving you money.

Safe with No Nitrogen

Instead of using liquid nitrogen, cryoair cools with electric compressors. This ensures safe and effective cryotherapy in clean air, with full vision and freedom of movement.

Why electric cryotherapy?

Electric cryotherapy chambers are not only the only safe cryotherapy chambers in the industry, but are also more effective than nitrogen cryo chambers. Nitrogen increases risk for forced air burns on the skin. Our electric cryo chambers do not use dangerous nitrogen gas, and are the only safe alternative to nitrogen cryo cabins and cryo saunas. 
Learn more about electric cryotherapy >>

Naturally without Nitrogen!

All MECOTEC's cryo chambers cool with no nitrogen. This will allow you to safely enjoy your whole-body cryotherapy in clean air and with full vision and freedom of movement. Your entire body benefits from the cold, instead of just the lower extremities.

Starting from private use, to usage in medical practises, commercial use in studios and spas - the cryo:one adapts to your needs. Customise and color the cold chamber according to your own ideas.

Your efficient and healthy way to physical and mental balance.

MECOTEC cryotherapy chambers have glass doors to ensure that user and supervisor have visual contact at all times. cryoair cryotherapy chambers also have an integrated music system, as well as a remote diagnosis facility if an LAN connection is available.

The air contains no moisture, so the extreme cold feels much more pleasant. Due to the volume of air shrunk coming from these temperatures, you take in a much higher amount of oxygen with each breath. 

mecotec cryotherapy chamber
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